Affordable Art Fair, Milan, It, 2017
Affordable Art Fair, Bxl, Bel, 2017
Metamorphozes Gallery, Fr, 2017

Nassau Fine Arts, Antwerpen, Bel,2016

Galerie ArtFloor, Paris, Fr, 2015

Daniel Besseiche, Dinard, Fr, 2015

Daniel Besseiche, London, Uk, 2015

Daniel Besseiche, Courchevel, Fr, 2015

Daniel Besseiche, Dinard, Fr, 2014

Daniel Besseiche, Knokke, Bel, 2014

Rive Gauche Gallery, Namur,Bel, 2014

Daniel Besseiche, Geneva, Swiz, 2014

Natasha art Gallery, Knokke, Bel , 2003

Presence Gallery, Bxl, Bel,2001

Rops Gallery, Namur, Bel, 2002

Angle Aigu Galery,Bxl, Bel, 2002

Presence Gallery, Swisz, 2000

Rops Gallery, Namur, Bel, 2000

Rops Gallery, Namur, Bel, 1996

Presence Gallery, Bxl, Bel, 1997

Presence Gallery, Swisz, 1998

Collective, Paris, France, 1999











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Hugo Pondz Kazoart
Hugo Pondz Saatchiart
Hugo Pondz artfloor

Hugo Pondz, is a regular visitor to New York in his dreams and is interested in both the urban landscape of the city and places empty and forgotten.


The caracters are waiting or dreaming and maybe both . It seems there is a war between shadows and light.


The aim is straightforward: to create paintings that provide a strong sense of places in which the time stands still in waiting,....


In terms of important influences, he admires the work of the American artist Edward Hopper and Giorgio de Chirico


Stephen Jared    Los Angeles


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L'heure Approche.jpg
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